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Features of EasyWare

Functionality and Summary of Features


Unique Strengths of EasyWare Commerce
All e-commerce enabling software like EasyWare Commerce share a range of similar features. Often, what sets them apart is how well these features have been implemented. However the EasyWare Commerce strengths listed here are not simply based on implementation, they are features which probably no other similar software packages in the market currently have.

Very Easy to use
Easyware is probably the least complicated e-commerce application on the market, today. And although we have made it as user-friendly as possible, we have not sacrificed the power of the software. The aim of Easyware is to remove the fear many people have of new technology, while at the same time showing its power and benefits. We guarantee that - like our man in the hammock - most first-time users would be able to create powerful e-stores in minutes, without needing to consult the help files.

Easyware does not require the use of any databases or indeed any other additional software. Some products appear to be cheap or good value for money but that assessment usually ignores the fact that they all need certain additional software to work. Most e-commerce applications like Easyware need at least a database application in order to work. Others need many more additional software packages. The true monetary cost of the application cannot be determined without taking into consideration the cost of these additional packages.

Minimal resource demands
EasyWare Commerce has very little hardware and software requirements and this is partly due to the fact that it is stand-alone software. The resource requirements of other e-commerce applications is increased by the requirements of the additional software they need. EasyWare Commerce requires only that the host computer runs a Windows operating system (98, ME, NT, XP or Vista) and has 32MB of RAM and 55Mb of free disk space.