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EasyWare Commerce is a set of software products which allow merchants with little or no technical know-how to build powerful ecommerce-enabled web sites. The sites allow internet users to browse for products and place orders online. EasyWare consists of 2 software packages:

1) EasyWare B2B Commerce
Are you a merchant with little or no technical know-how? Would you like to build powerful, unlimited ecommerce-enabled web sites with minimum fuss and at a low cost. Do you want a product that supports all major currencies, can run on any web server and is compatible with a wide range of popular payment providers? If yes, this is the perfect package for you.
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2) EasyWare Shopping Cart:
Do you have an existing web site? Do you want to add powerful ecommerce features to the site with minimum fuss? Do you understand basic HTML? If yes to all three questions, this is the perfect package for you.

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We cannot promise you millions
(but we can give you the tools to make them) :

When the telephone was invented in 1876, it was widely regarded as an exciting piece of technology. But there was a lot of scepticism about its worth as a business tool.

Some of this scepticism came from the custodians of UK business, who should have known better. Stockbrokers at the London Stock exchange snorted, "Who needs so many telephones? We have messenger boys."