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View and test sample sites

Third Party and EasyWare Templates:  (Test only. No payment providers used!)
Test Sample 1   
Test Sample 2   
Test Sample 3   
Test Sample 4   

EasyWare Basic:    (Plus payment provider test account. No payment taken!)
Test Sample 1 (French, Can$)
Test Sample 2 (Spanish, US$)
Test Sample 3 (Turkish, YTL)
Test Sample 4 (German, Euro)

Every copy of EasyWare comes with a sample store. The sample store simply has products pre-created in its database. Users can generate a web with the sample stores by following the steps below:

1) Load the sample store: Store >> Load Existing site >> sample.ecm.
2) Generate the web: Web tools >> generate web.
3) Select a template of your choice and click 'next'.
4) As a minimum, enter a fictitious business name. If you would like to see how you will be notified of orders, then enter a true e-mail address.
5) If you have a payment provider among those listed on the screen, select the relevant provider and enter your payment Provider merchant number in the ID field (if possible, enter only a test account number so that no monies will change hands). If you have no payment provider, select 'none'.
6) Click 'next' until you come to the end of the 'generate web' command. You will be informed of the successful creation of sample.html.
7) View the web offline: Web Tools >> View Web in Browser.

In order to test the full features of the site, you may have to publish the site on a php-enabled web server. You can apply for one at: Free Web Hosting. You can also view some of the four samples we created earlier, above and below (Feel free to place orders with your real e-mail addresses. Every transaction on this site will be only a test).